Monarch's basic business is casting. We've been at it for over 70 successfully that we're Canada's leading supplier of component castings for a variety of industries and applications.


The casting service that goes far beyond casting.....

  • We now produce castings for more than 200 customers in a whole array of industries - electronics, construction, builders' hardware, office furniture, appliances, truck bodies and more.

  • leave the inventory headache to us. We'll inventory your parts for you, for "just-in-time" delivery. This saves you space, labour, money and headaches.

  • Quality is guaranteed.  Most of our customers today work on zero-defects policies, so our quality control system has to be fool-proof. We conduct quality inspections at every step of the process, not just in the end. Every part is up to your spec or we don't ship it.

  • We are problem solvers. Our technical and design team are standing by if you're having problems.  We'll assist in designing components and tooling. We think of ourselves as part of your team.

  • Our key employees have over 200 years of experience in the industry.  

Diversity, Experience & Quality

About Us


Monarch's 30,000 square foot Toronto plant is conveniently located to manufacturing centres in eastern Canada and northeastern United States. That means prompt deliveries - and a close working relationship. Monarch offers a "Total Package" of fabricating services. This takes a whole load of problems and sourcing off of your shoulders. Let Monarch serve all your die cast, sand cast, machining, tooling and powder coating needs.